Welcoming Autumn

Here in the heart of England, the colours of autumn have been breathtaking this year.  With so little wind and rain over the past few weeks, the leaves have had a chance to burst like fireworks into a thousand hues of autumn, and remain on the trees for that little while longer.  The most exceptional at Sun Rising are the guelder rose, field maple and wild service tree, now at their very best.

Wild Service Tree in Autumn Colour

Wild Service Tree in Autumn Colour

Even the blackthorn is finding tones that it doesn’t usually have the chance to find, in soft oranges, copper and bronze.  The silver birch are glorious with pale yellow leaves scattered amidst the fine green.

With the first gusts of wind, this natural art will be blown to the grown, but even there, if so many come down together, there will be beauty – and all the fun of the young child, in big boots, kicking up the leaves!

Watch out for the mushrooms.  They are plentiful this year, hiding beneath the fallen leaves, and all of them still beyond my ability to identify …

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