Autumn Fungi

Fungi is one of nature’s celebrations that I have not even begun to study.  While it is possible to have an idea that a mushroom is this or that, I know enough to be fairly sure I’ll be wrong most of the time …  At Sun Rising at the moment, there are a good number of different kinds of fungi, at different stages of emergence and decay.  There are tiny pink caps, and thick hand-sized caps, there are patches of fiery orange mushrooms and brackets on old wood and deep in the cracks in the soil.

This photo is not of the most dramatic I have come across, but with the rose petals it is a picture that moves me.  I lifted the bouquet, an offering of love on a grave, the blooms wilted in the frost, and underneath the mushrooms almost blinked at me in the sudden sunshine.  Just beautiful.

Autumn Mushrooms and Rose Petals

Autumn Mushrooms and Rose Petals

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