A Dove of Peace

A rather beautiful creature has been seen at Sun Rising over the last few weeks of the Christmas period: a perfect white dove.  This little fellow has brought real delight, with many families telling me wonderful stories – of the dove sitting on the top of the roundhouse, or landing by a grave, or on the path before them.  In many ways, on cold grey difficult days, such a sight can seem magical, a sign of peace, a miracle.

White Dove on the Roundhouse

White Dove on the Roundhouse

You can see the dove puffed up here in the photograph, trying to keep out the cold.  Of course, this is not a wild bird.  There are a good few organisations that offer ‘dove release’ for special occasions; some use trained homing pigeons, strong birds in good condition which, when released, circle two or three times to get their bearings before heading straight home.  Others, however, are not so reputable.  This lovely white bird is the only survivor of three that were released at Sun Rising before Christmas, and I’m amazed that he is still alive.  Our birdfeeders are certainly helping, and perhaps the good will of all those who have seen him at Sun Rising, giving thanks for his calm quiet presence.

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  1. Emma says:

    Some have asked about the possible history of such a bird. The breeding of fancy pigeons is much like the development of garden plants or farm animals: the breeder will strive to produce a bird that has a particular kind of plumage, but there are no guarantees that a pair will breed true to type. The chicks that develop to look more like normal pigeons, the breeder will sell off cheap. If these doves were bought from a market, with no homing skills and indeed no home to return to, this may well be its first experience of real freedom. Perhaps it is not surprising that it looks so very pleased with itself and its new environment, for it has been through its own very real miracle.

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