Habitat Interpretation Boards

At Sun Rising we have now installed the first drafts of our habitat interpretation boards.

If you were to walk around the nature reserve, you would find eight at the moment, and another handful are planned to go up towards the end of the year.  They cover the established wildflower meadow, young woodland, grassland, hedgerow, the wildlife pond, ruderal borders, the birdfeeders, and the margin of tussocky plants and grasses.  These are key habitats within the nature reserve.

Habitat Interpretation Board : Birdfeeders

Habitat Interpretation Board : Birdfeeders

Our aim is to create boards that are informative, both about the particular habitat and about how we manage that habitat as part of the nature reserve.  There are photographs, all taken at Sun Rising, of plants, birds, butterflies, moths, mammals, that may be found there.

We are hoping that families, friends and other visitors will have a wander around, look at the pictures, read the text, and give us feedback.  Are they in the right places and easy to read?  Can you find any errors?

If you have a chance, do have a look and let us know what you think.  Once we have had a good amount of feedback, we will transform these drafts into long term boards.

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