The Friends Wall Calendar

The Friends of Sun Rising 2018 wall calendar is now in production.  This is an A3 wall calendar, with a photograph per month, each picture taken at Sun Rising and donated to the project. The calendars will be sold in aid of The Friends: they are £10 each and will be available at events.  It’s a short print run, and a second printing will open happen if we have enough orders to make it worthwhile.  Let us know if you’re interested! Check out the page on the website : 2018 Calendar.

Friends of Sun Rising Calendar (Back Cover)

Friends of Sun Rising 2018 Calendar (Back Cover)


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2 Responses to The Friends Wall Calendar

  1. Rosalind Winter says:

    I’d like to order four copies of the calendar – a perfect gift for friends whose loved ones are at Sun Rising. Should I send a cheque yet, or wait until you announce that they are ready?

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