Roll of Remembrance

Every two years here at Sun Rising we have our Roll of Remembrance.  This is beautiful occasion when the names of all those buried, and all those remembered with a plaque or tree, are read aloud.  This year, with the harp playing in the background, there were nearly 800 names, every one an individual whose name evokes a flood of memories.  It was a glorious sunny day, with a whisper of a breeze, and the tea stall was laded with cakes, cordials and tea.

The Roll of Remembrance 2017

The Roll of Remembrance 2017

I’d like to thank everyone who attended, everyone who contributed – our readers and harpist, those who donated cakes, those who served at the tea stall and helped with parking, those who sold cards and calendars, those who helped set up and take down, and of course all those who brought along their good selves to listen, watch and add to the peaceful, supportive, respectful community of the day.

We raised almost £350 in aid of The Friends just from the teas!

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