The Butterfly Bank

On Sunday, 5 November, a sturdy dozen volunteers helped us weed and plant up the butterfly bank.  It was a beautiful day, with periods of golden sunshine but a chilly sharp wind, and a huge amount was achieved.  Thank you so much to all our volunteers, those with muscles, those with gardening skill, those with resilience and those with cake!

It’s a challenging project: the bank is windswept and can be dry, and over the few years of its development we’ve tried a number of approaches.  Our aim is to populate it with plants useful to a few key butterflies, especially the small blue which is struggling to survive.  It was just the western third of the bank that was our focus on Sunday.  Clearing the grass, thistles, and a few dandelions, we planted out dozens of little pots of kidney vetch, birdsfoot trefoil, rock rose and cinquefoils, most of them grown from seed.  We then laid out some stones along the bank (although many more are needed) – specifically for the butterflies to bask in the sun and show off their incredible beauty.

Planting up the Butterfly Bank

Planting up the Butterfly Bank

Thanks to the volunteers who also helped plant more daffodils, prepare the hedge bank for seeding, and build and burn the brush in a beautiful bonfire.

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2 Responses to The Butterfly Bank

  1. Patricia evans says:

    We visited Glyn yesterday with the shells brought back from his beloved Wales.A tradition we started the first year after he was buried at Sunrising.Saw the activity.Well done to you all.Pleased to see we are going to have another flower meadow.

  2. Graham says:

    Fresh air, exercise, sun shine…it beats sitting behind a computer all day….and free tea! Emma and David look after you well and match your capabilities to suitable activities nicely. If you have thought about coming to one of the volunteer days but haven’t yet don’t think twice about the next one.

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