Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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The Natural Burial Ground

Every natural burial ground is different. Some are formal, with chapels and paved roads - and usually higher prices. Some are managed with a very light hand, and can look rather unkempt. Daffodil TributeAt Sun Rising, we aim for a perfect balance: as a natural burial ground, we strive to keep new burial areas neat and accessible, while older graves gradually become part of the nature reserve.

At Sun Rising, there are a few options for burial: woodland or meadow. This is true for both coffin burial or interment of ashes after a cremation. It is usually possible for families to choose the exact spot. For coffin burials, plots can be standard or large, the latter for bigger people or those who would prefer just a little more elbow room.

Funerals at Sun Rising may be traditional or informal, conventional or individual, sombre or colourful, religious or humanist. While some families rely on a funeral director and a minister, others are totally involved, making a gathering that is wholly family-centred. It is possible to spend quite a bit, but it is equally possible to keep the costs very low indeed. As you can see from these pages, and those under Arranging a Funeral, almost anything is possible. We are here to help you to create the funeral that is right for you.

Photo credit : Harry Rhodes