Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Burial in the Meadow

At Sun Rising there are meadows of native wildflowers and grasses, offering spaces that are open and peaceful.  New Meadow GraveAs the seasons change, the meadows change colour as different flowers come into bloom, develop their seedheads, the grasses moving in the breeze. As with woodland plots, it is usually possible for the family to choose the exact spot they would like.

For the funeral itself and around new burial areas, the grass is mown. After a year or so, however, the grave begins to disappear into the flowers and grasses. No paths are mown through the meadows, the areas being mown just once a year, usually in late August or early September, depending on the weather.

Because of the annual mowing, plaques are not permitted on meadow graves. Knapweed on Meadow GravesThis is ideal for those who wish to be buried in total simplicity, without ego or memorials, disappearing into the flowers and the birdsong. For those who would like a marker, a slate memorial plaque, can be bought for a nearby memorial post. These posts are placed along the paths and trackways at the burial ground. Check our pages on Memorials.

Unlike in the woodland areas, when a loved one is buried in the meadow it is possible to reserve the adjacent plot.