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Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Woodland Burial AreasButtercups and Memorial Trees

In our Woodland Burial Areas, a little sapling of a native tree can be planted on the grave. Families can choose from a list of native trees, or decide according to what trees have been chosen for plots nearby. As we are creating woodland, the larger trees such as oak, are limited in number, but there are many others that will always fit in, like hazel, cherry and birch. All our trees are locally grown, ensuring that we are creating pockets of strong natural woodland.

During the summer months, paths are strimmed along one side of newer graves, allowing access for visitors. After 4-5 years, these woodland areas grow wilder, and paths are no longer mown. A small slate memorial tree plaque can be bought to be placed beside the tree, marking the grave.

Beginning with an open field, our oldest trees are just 15 foot tall, the first having been planted in 2006. Mown Path through new Woodland GravesHowever, as the trees grow, the woodland areas will provide a restful and more private atmosphere, through which paths meander.

Trees are planted in late November or early December. Families are invited to attend the planting, and if they wish can get involved and muddy, planting the tree themselves. For more information, see our Activity Days page.