Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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WildflowersOptions for Cremated Remains

There are three options for interring ashes at Sun Rising. If the family would like to have tree planted, there is an area for memorial trees and cremated remains, where a small slate plaque can be placed on the grave itself.

Alternatively, the family can choose an area in the meadow, where the grave will disappear beneath the changing vista of native grasses and wildflowers. There are also cremated remains spots beneath our Parkland Oaks. For both these options, a plaque can be bought for one of the memorial posts. More information can be found on our Memorials pages when you are ready.

Scattering cremated remains is not permitted at Sun Rising. Because we are creating a nature reserve, we must be very aware of the pH and fertility of the soil; scattering ashes can be detrimental to necessary ecological balance and deter the growth of native species.

Ashes can be interred at any time of year. We are happy to help you make all the necessary arrangements, ensuring that your requirements and wishes are met with ease and at your convenience. Call us and let us help.