Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Memorial Oak Benches

Autumn BenchOccasionally, beautifully hand-crafted benches can also be bought through Nature Reserve Burial Grounds to be installed at Sun Rising. The bench can be hand-engraved with a loved one's name, dates and few words.

Pete's BenchThe benches we first used were of English oak (see right image), but we have now changed to a new style, a new joiner, who uses Scottish oak from sustainable forest sources. We only have one of his styles at Sun Rising, the simple bench pictured to the left here, but a full range of his designs can be found at

Because we do not varnish the benches, after a year or so the oak softens to a natural brown-grey. Cracks appear but these should not compromise the strength of the bench. NB: We cannot guarantee the life span of our natural benches.

In order to retain the natural feel of the burial ground, only a limited number of benches can be bought for a site. Please enquire as to whether this memorial option is available.

We currently have a waiting list for benches. If you'd like to be on the list, let us know.