Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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About Sun Rising

Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve takes its name from Sun Rising Hill, which is part of the Cotswold escarpment that rises immediately to the east of the site known as the Edge Hills.

Meadow Brown on Oxeye DaisyAs a natural burial ground Sun Rising is part of the growing movement towards natural, woodland and green burial grounds around Britain.

Sun Rising is not just a natural burial ground - it is a developing nature reserve. Such a project takes time, growing slowly through sensitive planting and careful management. Each and every person who is buried there contributes to this process.

Our aim is to establish a haven of natural beauty and serenity that allows individuals the peace to grieve and heal, yet also where the natural landscape is nurtured, creating an ecologically-rich and wholly protected environment for native trees, plants and wildlife to thrive. You may wish to explore our growing collection of photographs in our online Gallery.

Both coffins and cremated remains can be interred, but there are no rows of large headstones.  There is no sense of a crowd. Instead, grassy paths meander through meadows of wild flowers and copses of growing native trees, creating an informal ease and calm.  An occasional bench offers a place to stop, rest and reflect. You may simply wish to sit and watch the seasons turn, the trees come into leaf, and the flowers returning once again. It is not only a place of peace.  It is an extraordinary memorial to those who have gone before us and a remarkable gift for our children, their children, their grandchildren.

Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve is run by husband and wife David Orr and Emma Restall Orr, under the company name of Nature Reserve Burial Grounds Ltd (NRBG). Emma is likely to be the one you speak to if you call the office or the mobile. She will meet you at the burial ground when you make an appointment, liaise with funeral directors and families, and attend every funeral. David keeps the technical side running smoothly in the office, and does much of the physical work at the site while running his own small IT company.