Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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A History of Sun Rising Nature Reserve Burial Ground

Sun Rising Before We BeganWhat Inspired Us In The Beginning? Many people ask what motivated us to start a nature reserve burial ground. The idea began when we decided to create a business that aimed to be 100% ethical, yet entirely viable and professionally run. That meant offering a product that everyone needed, that was wholly affordable, and that was beneficial to the local community and the environment.

Finding The Site : Sun Rising had been an agricultural field for generations. The photo to the right shows it in 2006. For the ten years before we found it, it had been in 'set aside', growing ryegrass and clover for hay. Immediately we saw it, we knew it was the perfect place: the Cotswold escarpment rising behind (Sun Rising Hill, from which the site takes its name) and the Warwickshire Feldon stretching out ahead, held by hedgerows of ash, hawthorn, blackthorn, young elm and wild rose. It was accessible from the nearby road, yet still fairly quiet.

OpeningSun Rising 2016 : In early 2006 we went through the process of gaining planning permission. Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground opened in the summer of 2006, with our first burial taking place in early July that year.

Development : Starting with nothing more than an open field, we have planted many hundreds of trees, laid out wildflower meadows, created a pond area, and much more, but the creation of a nature reserve is a long term project. Every individual buried at the site, every family who plants a tree or bulbs, every handful of wildflower seed scattered, every memorial plaque, contributes to the process of creating the peace, serenity, sanctity and ecological importance of Sun Rising. The photo to the left was taken in 2016.