Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Long Term Security

A fundamental part of Sun Rising is the way in which it is protected into the long-term future.Hazel Catkins

The principal element of this security is the creation of the nature reserve, a project which is integral to the peace of the natural burial ground. With careful management, we are developing not just a beautiful natural haven for flora and fauna, but an ecologically important nature reserve, which will be of significant benefit to the local environment and to future generations.

Creating 16 acres of nature reserve takes signficant funding - and while there is space at Sun Rising for burials and memorials, the money needed for the development and care of the nature reserve comes from the work of the natural burial ground. However, when the burial ground is full and can no longer generate a sufficient income, the management of the nature reserve will pass to our sister organisation, The Friends of Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground. Until that day, the Friends' remit is to raise a captial fund large enough to meet this purpose. For more information, have a look at the Friends' pages on this website.