Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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The Vision Initial Vision

It takes a while to create a really valuable, ecologically rich nature reserve, but the first steps put you straight on the path to that ultimate goal. Each tree and bulb planted, every seed sown, each year's careful management, takes us closer.

However, there are elements necessary to make Sun Rising a successful burial ground, not just a nature reserve. This means a careful layout of tracks as well as habitats.

The original design of the site was drawn up before we began work on it. Pretty quickly, however, nature nudged us into changing our vision, and in 2012 a new design was drawn up. You can see the new map to the right here.

There are meadow and woodland burial areas, the lake to the west, the war memorial in the east, and the car park. In time, we intend to put in a second roundhouse, to the north of the site.

This picture is in our leaflets and on the board at the burial ground, just through the pedestrian gate.