Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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The Coffin Bier

It is, of course, traditional for a coffin to be carried, usually shouldered by four or six men, whether they are professional pall bearers provided by a funeral director, or honoured members of person's family or circle of friends.

Sun Rising Coffin BierHowever, sometimes it is not possible to do so. Some funeral directors no longer shoulder, for reasons of health and safety. Sometimes the loved one being laid to rest is just too heavy. And sometimes a family would really love to carry, but just don't have the muscles between them.

Our solution is this beautifully crafted wooden coffin bier. Not only will it gently roll over the stone tracks and across the grassy meadow, but it is quite possible for one strong person to pull it alone, for two or three to move it with ease, or four or five to make up the group guiding it across the burial ground, from the hearse to the roundhouse and from there to the graveside.

You will still need some strong individiuals to lower the coffin at the graveside.

Because the bier is not stored onsite, use of the bier needs to be ordered in advance and there is a charge.