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Making a Funeral Personal

Some families require a funeral that is entirely traditional and simple. Others are keen to explore whatever extras may be available to make the funeral of their loved one perfectly individual and personal. Here are some ideas with contacts. Any that have been recommended by families using Sun Rising are marked **.

If you are an associated business and would like to be listed on this page, let us know. We may ask you for a donation or a reciprocal link.


Amanda Luther **
Tel : 01789 740931
Amanda is a Floral Designer who understands perfectly what suits a natural burial ground. She is happy to create wreaths and bouquets using your own garden flowers and foliage, using organic and seasonal flowers, as well as more conventional arrangements. Amanda is also well used to decorating the Roundhouse at Sun Rising, which she has done on many occasions and in every season.

Ascott Gardens
Tel : 01608 684246
Ascott produce beautiful seasonal English flowers all year round.

The Bay Tree in Chipping Campden **
Tel : 01386 840617
The Bay Tree do beautiful 'country-style' floral arrangements.

Flora's of Shipston **
Tel : 01608 662823
Flora's is on Sheep Street in Shipston on Stour.

Flower Thyme**
Tel : 01926 640437
Flower Thyme is a very popular, well reputed florist in the nearby village of Kineton, well used to creating bouquets for Sun Rising.

Hope and Glory Flower Company
Tel: 07816 403798
A quintessentially English flower grower and florist, based just down the road in Tysoe Post Office. Flowers and foliage are lovingly grown at the top of Sun Rising Hill, although Jacqui can also use flowers from your own garden. All natural and perfect for the natural burial ground.

Lucy Walker Flowers
Tel : 01608 664461
A boutique florist in Shipston on Stour offering beautiful tributes.

Vale Gardens Flowers **
Tel : 07542 004101
Jayne Caithness at Vale Garden Flowers is wholly in tune with Sun Rising. Wilderness Wildflowers BouquetShe creates very beautiful, natural, seasonal arrangements, growing all her own flowers with love and care on their own land. Everything is biodegradable and recyclable. She is based near Evesham but is happy to travel.

Wilderness Wildflowers **
Tel Naomi : 07748 854533
Wilderness Wildflowers offers posies, tribute flower arrangements and ready-to-plant wildflowers. Naomi specialises in supplying natural grown, seasonal cottage garden and wildflowers, all grown on her own allotment the South Warwickshire countryside. She aims for all her materials to be recyclable and friendly to the earth, whilst delivering the highest quality produce, and the most personal service.

The photo here is of a Wilderness Wildflowers bouquet created for a funeral at Sun Rising.


Many love the idea of throwing flowers or petals onto the coffin at the time of the committal. Of course, it is always possible to buy fresh flowers, but here is an option for dried rose petals:

Rosy Posy Petals **
Tel : 01926 817183
Louise grows all her own roses in her garden in South Warwickshire, drying them naturally in the soft sunshine. They are not only local, then, but entirely eco-friendly. Petals come in many different colours, from deep red to sunny yellows. She does sometimes run out at the end of the winter, but it's always worth asking.


If you are arranging for a funeral tea, either somewhere local or at Sun Rising (for example, hiring a marquee and keeping the whole event in one place), you may like to use a local caterer.

Anna Jackson Catering **
Tel : 01295 738469
Anna is based a few miles from Sun Rising and well used to catering for funerals of any style or size.

Beverley Web Catering **
Tel: 01608 661858 or 07774 836071
Delicious teas from Shipston-based caterer, used to providing delicious food in marquees and village halls.


The Balloon Lady **
Tel : 01608 683521
Penny can provide fully biodegradable balloons that allow release of helium balloons again to be part of a celebration while not compromising entirely environmental ethics.


There are only a few respected organisations for dove releases locally. These use trained homing pigeons who can make their way home quickly and safely once released at Sun Rising. It is easy to find cheap alternatives who use doves with no homing skills that will be eaten by foxes or starve to death. Always use a respectable organisation.

True Love Doves **
Tel : 07725 034030
Many organisations that offe dove release are unethical, using untrained birds that will die shortly after release. True Love have healthy and beautiful birds, Pipermuch loved by their professional keeper, Mick Friar.

Wings of White **
Tel : 07836 635989
Another well reputed organisation with well trained birds.


Andy King the Piper **
Tel : 07773 476775
Andy is a splendidly presented piper who can bring Irish or Scottish bagpipes and a range of classic and appropriate tunes to bring that special touch to a funeral.

Steve Duffy **
Tel : 01295 252 375
Another beautifully turned out and kilted piper, offering a range of pipes and tunes for a funeral with that Celtic touch.

We also have on our books a local Harpist.


It is not necessary to have a hearse for a funeral, or not a traditional one. Our recommended alternative is a hearsette - an ordinary black estate car, specially adapted with a 'coffin deck', which is economical in price and fuel. We can make arrangements for this. However, if you are looking for something more unusual, here are some options.

Motorcycle Funerals Ltd
Tel : 01530 274888
This organisation have a number of motorcycles (Triumph, Harley, Suzuki) with sidecar adapted to be used as hearses. Budget for £600-£800.

Horse Drawn Funerals
Tel : 07967 012093
This is a beautiful option at the natural burial ground. It can be expensive, and is not an environmental solution other than for local funerals (the horse and carriage will need to be transported to a point more locally for a short procession).


Shipston Taxis **
Tel : 01608 661592 / 07976 231154
Mike Bristoe is based at Shipton on Stour. He has a larger vehicles to bring small parties or individuals over to Sun Rising at affordable prices.


Light as a FeatherLight as a Feather Funeral Photography
Tel : 07411 286629
This is a fairly new idea, but some find it valuable to have a collection of photographs of a funeral, either for their own memories or to send to family and friends who are unable to attend. Damian has a gallery of photographs on his website to give you an idea of what is possible.

Tudor Photography **
Tel : 01295 270681
Tel : 07774 408 408960
Harry Rhodes is a vibrant photographer with an enormous experience of capturing events. His website is comprehensive, but doesn't show funeral photographs.