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Arranging a Funeral

Funeral amidst DaisiesWhen a loved one dies, we can suddenly find ourselves faced with so much to think about - just when it is so very hard to think. We are here to offer advice, whatever your decisions and wishes may be.

At Sun Rising, every funeral is special, tailored to the specific needs and wishes of the family. Some families use funeral directors, some choose not to. Some funerals are traditional, with a hearse, a Christian minister and mourners in black; others are entirely individual, with a jazz band and a picnic in the grass, or poems read by the grandchildren and doves released into the wide open skies. Some funerals last 15 minutes, and some families are at the site for most of the day. Not only are we here to ensure the funeral works for you, but we are here to advise just how it is possible to make that happen.

Have a look at our pages on the burial ground, meander through the gallery, and use the menu on the right to explore ideas about a funeral - or just call us. We can take you through each step, ensuring your needs and wishes are heard, and the funeral is just as you would wish it to be. Let us help you.

If you are looking for a funeral that makes the most sense for a nature-lover, you may also be interested in our Sustainability Choices Chart. This gives guidance so you can make decisions that are best for the environment.

Please note that, for those whose preferred or first langauge is British Sign Language, we have a Volunteer BSL Communication Support Worker who is sometimes available.

You may also find the following guides useful. They are pdf files, which you can download and print out to use at your convenience. When you click on these, they will open in a separate window or tab.