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Hiring a Marquee for the Funeral

MarqueeIf our Roundhouse is not big enough for a funeral or memorial service, we are more than happy for arrangements to be made for the hiring of a marquee for the occasion - large or small. This will remove any concerns about weather for a large gathering.

Although opaque walls are an option, we encourage the use of marquees with transparent walls - such as the one in this photograph (taken in the spring). In this way the full glory of the surrounding views is not lost. Any of the four walls can be open or closed, giving warmth or fresh air depending on the day. A solid floor means that guests will not need to worry about their shoes.

Marquee InsideAny number of chairs can be assembled in the marquee, with or without cushions, and tables can be added if and where required. The coffin can be placed on tressles, and a florist can decorate if desired.

It is also possible for a funeral tea to take place in a marquee at the burial ground. This can make sense where people are travelling from afar, whether food is arranged by the family or with caterers brought in.

For a funeral or memorial that includes live music, such as an orchestra or string quartet, where musicians are keen to avoid the risk of inclement weather, a marquee can also provide peace of mind.

Please let us know your requirements. We may be able to make the arrangements for you.