Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Religious Traditions and Other Beliefs

Whether or not you are dedicated to a particular faith or religion, you are entirely welcome at our burial ground. Although many natural burial grounds promote humanist and secular funerals, at Sun Rising we are as happy to embrace the spiritual and religious. For many, it is the beauty of nature - whether as God's creation or as sacred in itself - that draws people to choose a natural burial ground.

Bench at SunsetA little under half of the funerals at Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground are Christian - whether Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Quaker or otherwise. Some funeral services are held at local churches and chapels, the party coming to Sun Rising for the committal service either before or afterwards. Some funeral services are held at Sun Rising, the minister taking the service in the Roundhouse or at the graveside. The burial ground is not consecrated, but individuals are free to have graves blessed by ministers of their own faith.

We have had funerals for Jewish, Buddhist, Pagan families and communities, and are happy to welcome funerals from any religious tradition or belief system, including of course those of a humanist, atheist or secular perspective. Very many funeral services held at Sun Rising are of that gentle and very personal understanding that might be described as 'God without Church' or nature itself being the essence of simple sanctity.

For those of the Islamic faith, we have an area specifically for Muslim burials, with graves accurately aligned to Makkah. We are happy to accept shroud burials and Muslim prayers at Sun Rising. It is often possible to bury within 24-48 hours, although a surcharge is made for short notice funerals.

Muslims, Quakers and others whose beliefs guide them towards simplicity, asceticism and lack of ego, will note that it is possible for graves to have no marker at all, whether in the meadow or woodland areas.

While a specific minister or priest for a funeral is often arranged by the family or funeral director, we are happy to make arrangements for a local minister to attend. We also have a list of interfaith and non-religious civil celebrants. While about two thirds of our funeral services hold the service in the Roundhouse, there are other local options. The former Methodist Chapel at Oxhill (tel : 01295 680663) and the St Mary's Parish Church at Middle Tysoe (tel: 01295 680201) are close by and available for services, as is the village hall in Middle Tysoe (tel: 01295 680632). See Venues.

If you have any queries with regard to your own specific situation, we are more than happy to discuss your needs and wishes. If you a query, just Call us!