Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Roundhouse in SpringA Funeral in the Roundhouse

The majority of funerals at Sun Rising hold the funeral or memorial services in our memorial Roundhouse.

This is an octagonal building built of Cotswold stone in the middle of the burial ground. Approached by a stone track from the car park, funeral parties can use to it without needing to walk over the grass. A hearse, funeral limosines and disabled or elderly guests can drive right up to it, if the family would wish.

The Roundhouse is large enough for around 45 people or so to gather inside, where the coffin can be placed on tressles for the service. Here guests can be sheltered from sunshine or rain while still being able to enjoy the beauty of the burial ground and its surrounding landscape. Indeed, we have had plenty of funerals with a hundred people and more, and guests are happy to stand around the outside Willow Coffin in the Roundhouseon the grass or the approaching paths, from where they are still able to hear the service.

The design has a beautiful acoustic with its high wooden roof, and is perfect for those important prayers and tributes to be heard, even when voices are quiet and words softly spoken. The acoustic is lovely, too, for any music that might be played during a funeral service - whether that be on a ScreensCD player or with live musicians or a choir. We have our own rechargeable Bose speaker available for use by families, which can be connected to any mp3 player or other device with a simple earphone jack.

Screens, made of green oak and willow, can be raised on for four of the eight sides of the building. On days of fiercely inclement weather, these shield gatherings from the prevailing wind and rain, while allowing sunlight to filter through. They are available for funerals, memorial services and other gatherings at the burial ground.

If the Roundhouse is not big enough for a service, and shelter is required, you might consider taking up our the option of hiring a marquee.