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Funerals Without Funeral Directors

At Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground, it is possible to have a funeral without a funeral director. This can be achieved either by using our own simple funeral arrangement services, or where the family would like a fully DIY funeral. Rain-wet Dogrose

Why Some don't use a Funeral Director

Some families are nervous of the cost. They may have had a bad experience or heard of others spending well over £3000 for a funeral. At Sun Rising, we don't believe in 'funeral poverty' or a family going into debt because of funeral costs. Our average funerals are around £2200, and with full invovlment from friends and family it is possible to get the cost lower.

Another reason is time. Because funeral directors can be busy, sometimes it is necessary to wait for 2 or 3 weeks before the funeral takes place. Funerals can be arranged more quickly at Sun Rising when not using a funeral director.

Finally, some people don't want a funeral director because they want a funeral that is absolutely simple.

Using Our Simple Funeral Arrangement Service

For those who would like a really simply affair, with no fuss or ostentation, we can offer to do all that is needed, including transport and genuine care, arranging a funeral that is graceful and fully family-oriented.

We have a range of ethical, beautiful and affordable coffins, or can provide simple cotton shrouds. We can provide a simple black hearsette, or help a family if they'd like to use their own vehicle on the day of the funeral.

Where a family would like a minister or celebrant, flowers, recorded music or live musicians, we can provide guidance and give recommendations. Where family members would like to act as bearers, carrying the coffin to the graveside, we can walk them through, step by step, or the family can have the use of our coffin bier.

If you are considering our simple service, please do get in touch. We can either speak on the telephone, meet at the burial ground, or (if you are not far away) arrange a home visit. We can provide you with a quotation based on your own specific needs and wishes, and we can then walk each step of the way with you, providing exactly the amount of support that feels right for you. And if it becomes clear that the services of a funeral director would in fact be useful, we can help the family choose the firm that is right for them and their needs.

We are happy to provide this service for families who live anywhere within Britain or around the world.

DIY Funerals

Some families want to do it all themselves, buying the coffin themselves, laying out and bringing their loved one to the burial ground under their own steam. At Sun Rising, we can give guidance and support for fully DIY funerals, ascertaining where help or additional services may be needed, and providing these with discretion and sensitivity.

The Home Funeral Network

This is an organisation of those who help, guide and support families who would like to manage the funeral themselves. We are happy to work with home funeral guides and death doulas. For those interested in, more information can be found here: The Home Funeral Network.