For a moment I wondered what to call this post, but there is nothing more needed: snow.  We have snow.

View from the Main Gate at Sun Rising, 12 December 2017

View from the Main Gate at Sun Rising, 12 December 2017

Not many have made it, or will make it to Sun Rising when the snow is this thick, so we thought we’d show you what it looks like.  You’ll see a few lines of footprints, but there are far more nonhuman tracks – crows, pigeons, pheasants, deer, hare and others.  The birdfeeders have remained topped up, although it’s taken some work to unlock them to do so, and the smaller birds are filling themselves with seed to keep themselves together.

Yesterday morning it was a foot in places, 6 – 8″ covering everywhere.  That meant the little tree plaque posts were almost hidden, the tracks and paths completely obscured.  Thankfully, we have had no funerals these past few days, but for the first time in a good few years we had to cancel a day of tree planting – we are so sorry to the six families who couldn’t make it last Sunday.

With rain due, and the temperature rising, the snow is melting, and we doubt it will last more than a day or so more.  However, if you do come over, please be aware that little pockets of resilient ice may remain – watch your step.


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2 Responses to Snow

  1. Lorna Dunleavy says:

    ‘ Earth stood hard as iron’. I love the way that snow transforms sound in a landscape and accentuates our senses.
    Wishing you Peace Health and Happiness.

  2. Julie says:

    So so beautiful to see the peace and and beauty of my dads sleeping place xx

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