Melting Snow

Compared with many around the country, we’ve had it fairly easy with regard to weather over the past week.  By Friday evening there were impassable snow drifts along the main A roads, the hill roads closed, cars abandoned here and there, even 4WD vehicles upturned in ditches.  The birds at Sun Rising were emptying our huge feeders in less than 24 hours.  But by Sunday evening the melt was fully underway.

It took a few days for the brook to thaw, but now water is pouring through, in places making tunnels underneath heaps of snow.  Rushing out into the pond, it is overflowing into the wetland area which is now thoroughly drenched.  With the red stems of the dogwood behind, the bulrushes reflecting the water, on a calm day it is a wonderful place to be.

Melting Snow on the Wildlife Pond

Melting Snow on the Wildlife Pond

Although the ground is still soggy underfoot in some areas, there are so many signs of spring now at Sun Rising.  The alder and hazel are dressed up with their dancing catkins, the willow is budding and will be next to blossom.  There are primroses hidden in the grass, and the snowdrops are still flowering.  And perhaps most exciting of all, the skylarks are singing …

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  1. Robin Restall says:

    As I looked at the photograph, I heard my mother saying, Spring is sprung, the grass is ris. I wonder where the birdie is. The bird is on the wing, I heard. Why that’s absurd, I know the wing is on the bird.

    That might sound silly, but in reality, that lovely picture brought some warm emotion from a forgotten depth. Then all I could think of was newts crawling through the grass, en route to the pond. And a dread of a return to last week’s weather flooded up and over.

    Bless you, all at Sun Rising.

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