Wheels for Wobblies

Last week we took delivery of our first Tramper – an off-road mobility scooter.  Not only will it allow me to get around the site where otherwise I needed a car, but it can be available for others whose mobility is limited.

Our new Tramper off-road mobility scooter at the Reflect bench

Our new Tramper off-road mobility scooter at the Reflect bench

Whether visiting a loved one laid to rest here, or coming for a funeral, with enough notice and preparation, we can have the Tramper onsite for you.  We’ll give a short lesson in how to use it, and then leave you to explore.  If the person needing it can’t manage to operate it, it is also possible for someone to walk slowly alongside and operate it for them.

It doesn’t take away the bumps, and it isn’t foolproof, but if driven gently and slowly it can take all the way to the far side of the nature reserve those who haven’t managed to get there before.  For those who are a little wobbly on their legs, as I am, this extra help is a real joy.  Pausing for a quiet moment, with a very different view before us, a very different perspective on the landscape, can be so enormously valuable.


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