Snowdrops and Snow

On top of the damp cold, it is the very many tones and hues of grey that are such a wearying aspect of an English winter.  Really, our language should have a dozen words for grey (what about flark, for that heavy grey that looks like rain but isn’t?) …  Being better able to describe its colour may not help us move through it, but catching sight of the first signs of spring certainly does.  Snowdrops are now appearing at Sun Rising.  Little clumps and scattered solitaries, they are coming up on graves, new and old, and in the tatty winter grass.

First Snowdrops of the Year at Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground and Nature ReserveNot only are they breaking through cold, if not frozen soil, but our heavy clay is not their preferred ecosystem.  This makes it doubly wonderful to see their quiet white petal heads, not quite opening.

With heavy frost and flurries of snow, last week and this week, some are hidden beneath the white.  Those that come through seem to glow with life, inspiring us to remember that spring is on its way, and colour will return to the landscape once again.

Do be careful in the snow and ice.  We limit the amount of salt we use at Sun Rising – it is so toxic.  Watch for ice underfoot, and for snowdrops too.

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