About Notes from Sun Rising

Welcome to the Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve blog.  The aim of this blog is to allow you to feel connected to and in touch with the burial ground – whether you have a loved one buried there, or are intending to be laid to rest there yourself at some point in the future.  Here there will be gentle observations written when I return from a trip to the burial ground, updates about events to be held and feedback afterwards, and even ideas we have about the burial ground, about ethical funerals and cemeteries, and suggestions posed.  You are welcome to comment!

The blog, we hope, will be of value to those of you who love the site and simply want to be involved more fully.  However, perhaps even more so, it will be important if you are not able to visit the site as often as you would wish.  Of course, if you have requests as to what I post here, including photographs, then do let me know.

Most posts will be written by myself, Emma Restall Orr.  If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to comment here, drop us a note by email (office@nrbgrounds.co.uk) or telephone us (01295 688488).