Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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The Natural Burial Ground

Every natural burial ground is different. Some are formal, more like cemeteries, with chapels and paved roads - and usually higher prices. Some are managed with a light hand, and can look rather unkempt. At Sun Rising, we aim for a perfect balance: Daffodil Tributeas a natural burial ground, we strive to keep new burial areas neat and accessible, while older graves gradually become part of the nature reserve.

At Sun Rising, there are two options for burial: woodland or meadow. This is true for both coffin burial or interment of ashes after a cremation. It is usually possible for us to give families a choice, and they can choose the exact spot. For coffin burials, plots can be standard or large, the latter for bigger people or those who would prefer just a little more elbow room.

Funerals at Sun Rising may be traditional or informal, conventional or individual, sombre or colourful, religious or humanist. While some families rely on a funeral director and a minister, others are totally involved, creating a gathering that is wholly family-centred. It is possible to spend quite a bit, but it is equally possible to keep the costs very low indeed. As you can see from these pages, and those under Arranging a Funeral, almost anything is possible. We are here to help you to create the funeral that is right for you.

Photo credit : Harry Rhodes

Sun Rising by Annie Skowronska

Wood Forget-Me-Not
Birds-Foot Trefoil
Tufted Vetch
Red Campion..
plants with names like poems
curl, creep and hide 
in grasses growing wild 
around fledgling trees, 
a future forest
trussed in tubes
putting down roots
growing stronger each year
bringing new life 
from each death,
such perfect symmetry

Silence deep and restful
broken only by nature
wind through branches, 
busy birds on feeders 
bees buzzing from
hives to blossom 
and back again, 
and flower-sweet honey
is the taste of this 
place of peace

Quietly watchful, 
a grey hare hesitates, 
then comes closer
cautious but curious 
at home among those 
resting here 
nestled in nature
Ahead vast skies
stretch to far horizons 
while behind hills rise steeply 
holding us safe
as we remember a smile, 
sweet moments in time
precious memories 
to hold dear
with each passing year