Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Buying a Plot: a Legal Note

In accordance with British law and our own Cemetery Regulations, when a grave plot is purchased from Nature Reserve Burial Grounds Ltd, what is bought is a 'licence' to use that grave plot for human burial. The person who owns the Licence, the Licence Holder, then has the right to be buried in that plot - or to nominate someone else to be buried there. Dog Rose Hips

This means that the plot where a loved one is buried does not belong to the family who bought it; the land still belongs to the company, Nature Reserve Burial Grounds Ltd. It is therefore the company's responsibility to maintain that small piece of land, to care for it according to our own plan for maintenance and development. We do this by, at first, addressing the needs of the burial ground and those visiting the grave, then gently shifting our attention to its part in the creation and management of the nature reserve.

Where a plot is bought in advance, the company reserves that specific plot, or capacity for that plot, for the Licence Holder for a period of twenty years. As it states in our Regulations, it is the Licence Holder's responsibility to keep in touch with the company, updating contact details whenever necessary. After twenty years, the company will get in touch through the last known address, and check whether the plot is still required. The Licence can then be renewed - there may be a small administrative fee. However, if the individual or their family does not reply to this letter, it will be assumed that the plot is no longer required.

You may wish to look at our page outlining Nature Reserve Burial Grounds' position on the long term security of the site. It is our intention that Sun Rising will remain, far into the distant future, a haven of peace for our loved ones, and a nature reserve that is a valuable legacy for our descendants.