Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Wildflower Meadow before the RoundhouseThe Roundhouse

About two thirds of our funeral services are held in the Roundhouse at Sun Rising. It is also a perfect place to hold a memorial service, or any family gathering in honour of a loved one. It comfortably holds 45 people standing, and has window sills for 12 to sit.

At other times, it is a place for quiet reflection, a place to curl up with a book, to watch the linnets and skylarks, or share a thermos of tea and stories about that special person buried close by.

Built of Cotswold stone, with oak window seats set upon the low stone walls, the Roundhouse is in the middle of the burial ground, approached by a stone track from the car park. Roses, ivies and honeysuckle climb the oak beams at the eight corners of the octagon. Wildflowers around the building give a beautiful display through the summer months.

KestrelIts roof is wooden on the inside, allowing a beautifully warm acoustic, that holds conversation and music, yet also offers a softened quietude. Slate memorial plaques can be bought to be placed on the inner lintels of the building. On the outside, the roof is 'green', initially planted with sedums, but now more richly colonized with mosses and other small plants. It is a perfect perch for owls and other birds of prey, like the kestrel in the photograph here.

If you would like to use the Roundhouse for a gathering and would like the gates opened for vehicular access, or will be bringing a good many guests, do let us know.