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Suffering The Fire'Suffering the Fire' by Barry Hotson

An explosion at a chemical plant and sixteen men lose their lives. Eight year old Michael will never see his father again ...

Inspired by true events, this is one man’s deeply moving journey into the past as he uncovers the truth about his father’s death and his mother’s life.

This novel is inspired by and based on the 1974 Flixborough Disaster, Britain’s largest peacetime explosion until Buncefield in 2005. Told from both an adult and child’s eye view, it is a deeply moving account of how the death of a parent can alter the course of a child’s life. Whilst it is not an anti-corporate story, it shows how the fragmentation of corporations and outsourcing can lead to the loss of communication, common purpose and sense of responsibility with potentially devastating consequences.

Barry Hotson passed away just before its publication and is laid to rest at Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground. His family are dividing the royalties between The Friends of Sun Rising, and the Aylesford Unit at Warwick Hospital, in his memory.

'Suffering the Fire' is published by Cillian Press :  Although it may need to be ordered, we would encourage you to support your local bookshop, but it can also be bought online or through the family direct (email us).

Available in softback (£9.99 in the UK) or e-book (price varies).