The Friends of Sun Rising
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Being a Friend of Sun Rising

There are three aspects of being a friend of Sun Rising.

Crab Apple BlossomFirst of all, the role of the friends is to play a part in the charity's fundraising. It is possible to do this simply by joining the Friends, allowing the £10 annual subscription to contribute to the overall fundraising.

For those that would like to get more involved, there are opportunities to help more actively with fundraising. This could be by selling Sun Rising cards and honey to your family or within your local community. Alternatively, friends may get together and think up other ideas for raising funds! For more information, look at our Fundraising page, or click on the links on the right-hand menu.

The second aspect of being a friend is to support the work of Nature Reserve Burial Grounds at Sun Rising, with regard to the care of the burial ground, the development of the nature reserve, enhancing and strengthening the site's ecological richness, its tranquility, its reputation and its long term sustainability. Have a look at the Volunteering page or get in touch.

The third role of being a friend is the potential for meeting others with loved ones buried at Sun Rising. Such connections can, for some, prove valuable at times when a little more human contact, support and care are needed.

The AGM : For all three of the above, all subscribing friends are invited to attend the yearly AGM in Tysoe, our annual general meeting. At these meetings, friends can hear news, developments and issues about both Sun Rising and the Friends from the trustees. We aim to have a speaker at these meetings who would be of interest to those attending, talking about a relevant subject. There is also the opportunity for friends to think about fundraising ideas or events, or simply to meet and chat.

For information about how to become a friend, go to our Join The Friends page.