The Friends of Sun Rising
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Sun Rising Honey

Sun Rising HoneyThere have been bee hives at Sun Rising since 2010, humming with happy, healthy honey bees who gather pollen from the wildflower meadows, hedgerows and even the flowers left on graves. The bees are cared for by master bee-herder, Viktor Zaichenko, who harvests and bottles the honey.

It really is incredibly smooth and sweet, quite unlike commercially processed honey. Indeed, amongst bee keepers it is said that honey from cemeteries is the most delicious of all - perhaps because the bees are undisturbed. The health benefits of local honey are also well known: it is said to be a natural antihistamine, helping with hay fever and infections. Don't spend a fortune on New Zealand manuka honey. Sun Rising honey is just as good!

InvopakThe honey is sold in aid of The Friends, with a 340g jar priced at £5. We usually have some at events such as Open Days, Music Recitals, Nature Watch days and Tree Planting, but at other time it can be bought through Emma. Give us a ring and we can make arrangements to bring some to the burial ground or deliver jars locally. We are unable to send jars in the post.

We are very grateful to Invopack for their support of The Friends in 2013. Their donation of twenty buckets for collecting the honey allows us to make more on each jar. To the left here you can see Arjen from Invopak, Viktor, and Sun Rising director David Orr.