Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Sun Rising Gallery

Don't lay me in some gloomy churchyard shaded by a wall
Where the dust of ancient bones has cast a dryness overall
Lay me in some leafy loam where sheltered from the cold
Tiny seeds investigate and little leaves unfold
There kindly and affectionately plant a native tree
To grow resplendent before God and hold some part of me
Pam Ayres

Here we have a selection of photographs taken at Sun Rising. These are held on Flickr, and if you would like simply to meader through all the photographs, please feel free to do so. This link will take you to page where you can choose an album to peruse: just click on a picture and it'll take you to all the pictures in that album. If you are not familiar with Flickr, hover your mouse over a picture to read the title of the photograph. All links open in a new window. Corncockle

If you double click on a picture, it will take you to a slide show, where further information can be found beneath the photo - however NB: on the slideshow you will see the ads Flickr use to fund their site, so you may wish to avoid the slideshow. It can take a second for the photograph to come into focus.

If you would like to go direct to a specific album on our Flickr site, here are links to albums with a dozen or so photographs of the burial ground and nature reserve at different times of the year.


Here are some showing funerals and other events. It is hard to show funerals, for many families would not like photographs to be taken or put on the web: for these we have the families' permission.

Here are some photographs of the flora and fauna at the site.


All photographs in the gallery are credited to Emma Restall Orr unless otherwise stated.