Events at Sun Rising


A number of events and activity days take place at the burial ground each year, designed to give families and the local community an opportunity to get involved. All are welcome to attend. Details are also posted on our noticeboard onsite.

Dying Matters Awareness Week: a Chance to Talk

Saturday 18 May 2019, 10.30 am - 12.30 pm

This is an informal event tied in with the national campaign led by charity Dying Matters.  The theme for this year is 'Are We Ready?'.  Come and share stories, ideas, fears and inspiration on the theme of death and dying, and what we can do to make the journey easier for all involved.

It will take place at Sun Rising, so keep an eye on the website Newsflash for updates if the weather looks inclement.

Everyone is welcome.  There'll be teas, coffee, cake, and a warm sense of support.

You may also like to know that there'll be a Dying Matters event at Lifeways in Stratford, 3.30 - 5.30 pm, on the same day.  This is will be a 'Death Cafe' led by Glynis Fletcher (, sharing conversation on the same themes.

Dying Matters Logo

Open Day and Roll of Remembrance

Saturday 8 June 2019, 11 am - 5 pm

Our annual Open Day at Sun Rising is an opportunity to sit with Emma and talk through ideas, concerns, wishes and queries, whether considering natural burial for yourself or a loved one.  You can also meet staff and trustees, have an accompanied tour around the burial ground and nature reserve, and get all your questions answered.  The Open Day runs from 11 am until around 3 pm.

From 3 pm, the day gently and naturally moves into our Roll of Remembrance.  This is when the names are read aloud of every single person laid to rest at Sun Rising, or with a memorial tree or plaque here.  That will be well over 900 individuals.  The names are read in sections, alphabetically.  Families are welcome to attend, and although many intend only to stay to hear their own loved one's name, many stay for the whole event: it is moving, full of love and respect.

Surnames A - F: 3 - 3.30 pm
Surnames G - N: 3.45 - 4.15 pm
Surnames O - Z: 4.30 - 5 pm

There will be teas, coffees, cordials, and a wonderful range of cakes, available on our refreshments staff.  And the opportunity to buy Sun Rising products sold in aid of The Friends of Sun Rising, such as our own honey, tea towels and key rings.

Open Day 2018 at Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve

Nature Surveying Days in April, June and August

Saturdays, 10 am - 4 pm
13 April,  22 June and 24 August 2019

These days are opportunities for you to contribute to the recording of all the flora (and any fauna we happen upon) at Sun Rising.  A few specific areas are chosen, such as a hedgerow, a plantation of young trees, a section of wildflower meadow or grassland, and we do our best to identify and record everything we find.

It is always wonderful to have naturalists come along, bringing their own area of expertise, adding to the knowledge and resources we have at the nature reserve.  However, those with less knowledge are equally welcome: some enthusiasm to help and learn is always a delight.

If you plan to come along, let us know, or keep an eye on the Newsflash on the front page for updates on the day.

Four-spotted Dragonfly at Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve

Sun Rising Nature Walks

Saturday 29 June 2019, 11.30 am and 3 pm

These walks are specifically for those who would like to learn more about the nature reserve – its trees and plants, butterflies and birds.  Both walks, in the morning and afternoon, are the same, with an initial short, gentle walk for those who can’t go far, and an extended ramble over the whole site for those who’d like to see more. 

All are welcome - those with knowledge to share, those keen to learn, and those who would simply enjoy a chance to be in company exploring the beauty of the nature reserve.

Do let us know if you intend to join a walk, or keep an eye on the Newsflash on the home page for any updates on the day.

Path through Margery's Meadow at Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve

Children's Memorial Day

Sunday 21 July 2019, 1 - 3 pm

This is an event aimed at all who have lost babies, children and grandchildren, whether recently or in the past.  There'll be a simple memorial gathering to acknowledge the loved one, followed by a shared picnic, where stories can be shared, amongst friends old and new, and support found and given. 

As the format of the day becomes clearer, we'll post more information here.  However, let us know if you’re interested in attending, or in being involved in creating the day.

The Friends of Sun Rising AGM and Nature Talk on Bees

Saturday 14 September 2019, 2 - 5 pm

This is the annual gathering of The Friends of Sun Rising held at Tysoe Village Hall.  It is an opportunity to hear updates on fundraising, events, plans and developments at Sun Rising more generally.  It is a chance to ask questions and share feedback.

There will also be a talk by Steven J Falk, the extraordinary naturalist, author, photographer and artist.  We are very lucky to have Steven coming to talk to the gathering.  The focus of his talk will be the ecologically invaluable and always beautiful bumblebee and other bees.

Those whose subscription to The Friends of Sun Rising have free entry to the talk.  Others can pay their subscription (or simply buy a ticket to the talk) for £10 on the door.

Carder Bee on Teasel at Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve