Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Memorials at the Natural Burial Ground

Although there are no large headstones at Sun Rising, there are other ways in which a loved one can be remembered. 

The principal way is through the living memorial of a tree. Memorial trees can be planted on graves or in other appropriate areas, adding to the developing woodland and nature reserve. Path between Memorial PostsAfter a number of years, the whole woodland becomes the memorial to those loved ones who are buried there. Where we are seeking something more individual, there may be the option of a parkland tree, a tree planted in the meadow that will grow into its full canopy.

As well as trees, there is the option of a personal memorial plaque. These are in solid Welsh slate, so will last for hundreds of years. We may also be able to offer a limited number of memorial benches, bird and bat boxes, a bird feeder. In the autumn we plant bulbs and perennial wildflowers: families can make a donation, asking for bulbs or plants to be put in on a grave or around the site, and/or come along and help to plant them if they wish.

As a site develops, other ways become available in which a person can be remembered. Please enquire as to what is currently available in terms of options, or let us know if you have an idea that would be in keeping with the spirit and ethos of the site.

If you are looking for a way of creating a memorial, the next step is to check the menu on the right of this page. Then get in touch and we can talk about your particular ideas, wishes and requirements. You may also like to have a look at Activity Days and Visiting a Grave.