Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Parkland Memorial Trees

Parkland OakWhile a few oaks, small-leaved lime and other large trees can be planted in the woodland areas, these will naturally compete with other trees, growing tall and slender for a while, a minority coming to dominate the eventual canopy.

However, to create a further kind of ecological habitat, distinct from woodland, wildflower meadow or grassland, a small number of trees will also be planted in the meadow, the grassland, and around the Roundhouse, where they can grow to their full glory without competition from other trees.  These we call Parkland Memorial Trees. They may be oak, small leaves lime or even (if we find a truly disease-resistant one) our native elm.

Parkland trees are guaranteed for fifty years: if one fails within that time, it will be replaced free of charge. As a result, of course, the cost is significantly more than the trees planted in woodland.

Only a dozen or so will be planted within the sixteen acres of Sun Rising. There may be no availability at the time when you enquire, but let us know if you would be interested.