Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Slate Memorial Plaques

There are three sorts of plaque that can be bought through the burial ground. To ensure the site never feels untidy in a human sense, no memorials other than these are permitted.

Memorial PostWhen a family chooses to have a Memorial Tree, there is the option of purchasing a small slate plaque, onto which can be engraved the name and dates of a loved one, together with a few chosen words. The plaques are secured onto low wooden posts, and placed in the ground beside the tree.

Around the burial ground, there are also a number of strong wooden Memorial Posts, onto which slate memorial plaques can be fixed. These plaques are larger than those made for the trees, and can also be engraved with your loved one’s name, dates and some words. A simple picture may also be possible. In the photograph here there is just one plaque on the post; each post has space for a 12 - 18 plaques.

Tree PlaqueIf you would like to order a plaque to be installed somewhere other than at Sun Rising, please let us know. We are happy to supply plaques whatever your particular needs; please get in touch and we can give you a quote.

When we began the natural burial ground, we used a pale grey slate, but because this calcified, the engraving becoming illegible a little more quickly than we'd hoped, we changed our supplier, and all our slate is now a deep blue-black Welsh slate, which has not shown any sign of weathering. Because the old pale slate are now beginning to show a beautiful array of lichens, we are loathe to keep them clean. Dark slate tree plaques are seldom cleaned in the hope that lichens may begin colonising these too, but the dark slate plaques on memorial posts are cleaned of bird mess when necessary.