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Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Bird FeederSupporting Wildlife

When considering how we might remember a loved one at a nature reserve burial ground, there may at times be opportunities to add to our developing work in supporting local wildlife.

Simple yet beautifully made boxes for nesting birds and bats are sometimes an option. These can be bought through us - we source them through charities and recycled wood, small artisans and the like. Boxes are cared for but have a finite life span. Needless to say, while the woodland area is still in its infancy, this option is limited. Please ask about availability.

Another option may be buying a bird feeder such as the one pictured here. A slate memorial plaque could be commissioned to accompany it. These can be placed near growing woodland or hedges, and will support bird populations throughout the year. Donations towards bird seed is also gratefully received!

Please ask us for availability and prices.
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