Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Calling all Naturalists!

BetonyFor the expert naturalist or enthusiast, a project that began in just 2006 may not seem that exciting. As a nature reserve, we are very much starting from scratch. However, in many ways, it is this that makes the project so exciting.

Naturalists getting involved with Sun Rising now are able to witness the evolution of site, and its gentle transformation from sixteen acres of fairly tatty improved grassland into a vibrant and valuable nature reserve. Furthermore, those who are involved are also able to contribute their expertise, helping to guide the site's development.

If you would like to survey the site, either come along to one of our nature watch events, or let us know when would be convenient. SurveyingIt is of course helpful if all records either use our own ecological compartment map of the site, or are submitted to us with grid references, or at the least have a sketched map or note of the relevant habitat.

We are always looking for dipterists and other experts on insects and spiders, as well as those with good knowledge of fungi, lichens and bats. However, all naturalists are more than welcome and anything they can share is enormously appreciated, contributing to the creation of a truly valuable ecological resource in South Warwickshire.

All our records are submitted annually to the Warwickshire Biological Records Centre. A pdf list of our latest annual Flora and Fauna record can be sent on request.

You may be interested to know that we are involved with the Warwickshire County Council and Warwickshire Wildlife Trust LBAPs with respect to various endangered species and habitats. We are happy to co-operate, sharing information, skills and time wherever we can.