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Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Buying a Grave Plot in Advance

If you are aged 65 or over, it is possible to book a plot in advance at Sun Rising.

When you buy a grave plot in advance at Sun Rising, you receive a Licence certificate. This entitles you to be buried, or nominate someone else to be buried, at the burial ground. In accordance with our Cemetery Regulations, we ask all Licence holders to keep in touch with us. If we have not heard a peep from a holder for 20 years, and after that point they do not respond to our letter sent to their last known address, we must assume they do not wish to use the plot. After 20 years, the licence can be renewed (there may be a small administrative fee). More information can be found on our About pages.

Wild Service LeavesThe next step is to get in touch. We can then arrange to meet you at Sun Rising and talk through your wishes and requirements, together with any concerns or other questions. We can give you the forms to take away, or fill them in with you if that would be helpful.

Alternatively, if you are happy to do so, simply download the necessary forms from this website - the Order Form and Licence Application Form - ensuring you read the Cemetery Regulations and sign to say that you have done so on the Application. Then send them back to the address on the forms, with a cheque covering the cost of the plot or plots. We will process the forms and send you back your Licence(s) by return.

Grave plots come in two sizes at Sun Rising. When you buy a grave plot in advance, you are paying for a standard size plot. If, when the time comes, you need a larger plot, the additional fee will be payable.

NB: Interment fees and the costs of other funeral services and memorials cannot be paid for in advance through Nature Reserve Burial Grounds. Only the cost of the plot can be paid for in advance of need. If you are looking for an entire pre-payment plan, please talk to your local funeral director, letting them know that you would like to be buried at Sun Rising.