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The Price List

Download current price list (pdf)

Grave Plots : the basic cost at the burial ground is for the grave plot and the interment. Grave plots for coffin burial come in two sizes, the standard and large plot.

A standard grave plot fits a coffin width of 30" or less. If the coffin is wider, or you would like a little more space around the grave, you will need to buy a large plot or two standard plots. It may not be possible to bury large coffins in reserved grave plots.

Full Grave Plot for Coffin Burial (standard)
Full Grave Plot for Coffin Burial (large)
Full Grave Plot for Coffin Burial (in advance of need)
Plot for Interment of Cremated Remains (in Meadow)
Plot for Interment of Cremated Remains (in Woodland)

Interment Costs : these include all the ordinary site costs for the committal or funeral, including grave digging and administration. They are payable at the time of burial.

Grave Plot
Infant Grave Plot
Cremated Remains Plot

There are a number of potential surcharges on top of the above costs, all of which can be avoided with careful planning, if you would like to keep the costs down.

Weekend or Bank Holiday Surcharge (coffin burial)
Weekend or Bank Holiday Surcharge (cremated remains)
Extra Time Surcharge (funerals over 90 minutes)
Short Notice Surcharge (funerals within 48 hours)

Where a funeral party is expected to exceed 30 cars (or 50 people), a charge is made. This covers the cost of extra staff to ensure safe and appropriate parking of cars.

Extra Parking Charge

For family bearers, for very heavy coffins, or for funeral directors who do not shoulder or carry coffins, we have a beautiful wooden coffin bier. This needs to be booked in advance.

Use of the Sun Rising Coffin Bier

Further Funeral Costs : Other costs payable for a funeral include the coffin, picking up your loved one and caring for them between the time of death and the funeral. There is the cost of a hearse or other vehicle to bring your loved one to the burial ground, any minister or celebrant if required, and other arrangements. If you choose to use a funeral director, these costs are a part of the funeral director's bill. If you would like Sun Rising to act as your undertaker (see Funerals without Funeral Directors), let us know and we can give you an estimate of total costs.

On top of the basic costs, there are the costs of memorials, should you choose to have any.

Memorial Trees (information)

Large Memorial Tree
Small Memorial Tree
Memorial Tree Without Interment
440 / 540

Memorial Plaques (information) : Where memorial trees are bought, a slate plaque may also be purchased. These are placed on a short wooden post beside the tree. Around the site, there are also large Memorial Posts for which slate plaques may be bought. Engraving is included in the price, but any small picture (graphic) required is extra.

Slate Tree Plaque
Slate Post Plaque
Small Graphic or Special Font

Supporting Wildlife and Other Memorials

There are at times other ways in which families can contribute to the nature reserve in memory of a loved one. Donationas are always appreciated for spring bulbs and wild flower seed, and for birdseed for the large birdfeeders at the burial ground. Occasionally there is space for one of our rustic oak benches. Bird, owl and bat boxes are now and then available. Please ask for more details and prices.

These prices are valid from 1 January 2018