Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Story of the Funeral of Daphne Tennant

'Mum always said she wanted a natural burial with no coffin and only flowers from the garden - so that was what we gave her. We chose Sun Rising Burial Ground little knowing that she had visited it the year before with Dad and declared it a beautiful spot to be buried.

She was laid out by her daughter, granddaughter and good friend. We painted her nails, brushed her hair, applied her favourite perfume and she was dress in her wedding gown, then lovingly wrapped ina soft white wool blanket from home and snuggly swaddled ina simple cotton shroud. We carefully moved her onto the wicker stretcher with her own broderie anglaise pillow under her head. Pinner to this was the fragrant lavendar bag made by her grandson the week before.

On the day, we all met at Sun Rising. The sun shone, the birds sang and butterflies flitted around. She was carefully carried by her eldest son, grandson, son-in-law and nephew. Her husband and other children followed. There were many grandchildren, great grandchildren, friends and other family members, including her two surviving siblings. Her granddaughter even brought her rabbit, Bailey, who hopped around quite happily.

We all gathered at the Roundhouse, where she was surrounded by us all. We surrounded her with our love, thoughts and prayers. Beautiful, simple flowers were laid down from her own garden and other people's. Pretty baskets, lovely bunches, delicate posies and sprigs of wheat. Just exactly what she always loved. People read words and poems, others just held her in their thoughts. We didn't need a service or music, nature provided the sounds and the sun shone brightly. The Lord's Prayer was then said by all.

She was then carried to her final resting place, beside an English oak tree. We scattered the dried roses and petals that Mum had saved over th eyears from her own flowers. Cards and letters went with her too. The little children blew bubbles, played and laughed. Her two and a half year old nephew took great delight in throwing in baskets full of petals and rose heads.

It was a beautiful and fitting end to a strong, kind, generous and wise lady. The best mum ever - our Mum.'