Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Visiting Sun Rising Wildflowers and Benches

Sun Rising is not a cemetery. It is a growing nature reserve, a place where everyone is encouraged to come and explore, to find peace and time to reflect. Some individuals come quietly alone, with a thermos of coffee, a book perhaps, binoculars, or the need to empty their minds into the beauty of nature. Some come as families, bringing children to run freely in the grass, to find fossils amongst the stones of the paths, to picnic, gather blackberries or wander quietly. How you return to Sun Rising is entirely up to you.

The menu to the right of this page, we hope, will give some guidance. There are directions to the site and opening hours. There is information about how graves are tended, old and new, and how families can get involved.

There is also news, a link to our twice yearly newsletter, and information about events and activity days at the burial ground, together with some pointers about the local environment, history, pubs and walks - all of which we hope will inspire families to forge an ongoing relationship with Sun Rising and the surrounding area. If you find there is a gap with regard to local knowledge, let us know!