Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Nova's Cabin

Nova's Cabin is a small wooden cabin located just inside the five bar gate on the track that heads down towards the pond at Sun Rising.

Cabin from SouthThe cabin was erected in September 2013. The photo to the left here was taken from the south western corner of the burial ground, by the pond, looking up towards the cabin with the area of young memorial trees in front, and Sun Rising Hill beyond. The autumn golds and greens are just coming through.

Inside the cabin there is a small room where families can meet Emma, or another member of our team, to talk about ideas and options, to arrange funerals, or simply share stories and a hug on a difficult day. The room provides a little shelter in wet and cold weather, or some welcome cool on very warm and sunny days.Eco Toilet

Inside there is also an eco toilet: a facility which is totally off the grid, working without electricty, water or chemicals. The waste is instead composted. It doesn't look or work like an ordinary toilet, but is nonetheless very comfortable, and reasonably disabled accessible. (For anyone interested in the technology, the toilet is from Toilet Revolution.)

NB: The cabin and toilet is only open when a member of staff is on site. If you are visiting and would like access to the toilet, please call in advance to check that we can be there for you. It is locked at all other times.