Sun Rising
Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve
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Tyr's Stone

In 2017 two large stones were brought to Sun Rising from the Hornton Quarry at Edge Hill, just a mile or so away. They were erected towards the northern boundary of the field where one can imagine them having stood for tens of thousands of years. Tyrs Stone

There is an enormous sense of peace brought to a place by huge rocks. They seem to ground us, bringing stillness and quiet. These stones are also here at Sun Rising for another reason: of the local population, for centuries the majority of those that were not working on the land used to work in the quarries nearby. Mostly young men, they worked in brutal conditions on very low wages, and both injury and mortality rates were very high. These stones, set into the peace of the landscape, acknowledge and remember all those who gave their lives to the quarries.

You can see the dark areas of ironstone and the fossils in these two stones, reminding us of the social and geological history of the landscape. These ancient stones we have called Tyr's Stone, acknowledging the history of the village of Tysoe, itself named after the ancient god Tyr.

More information about the local history is on the habitat interpretation board installed just near the stones.